About us

The Kulture of Hype&Hope is a dance community based brand offering a iconic message of unity with our brands logo, we desire to create classics and wardrobe essentials, we want to create pieces that are made to elevate the fashion perspective of a creative/dancer to be wearable for every moment of the day. To form timeless, understated collections we aspire to become the number one brand for dancers. 

Under Hype&Hope, a name that combines two perspectives of the HipHop kulture. Where HipHop is there is Hype and in every era we Hope it will last forever. We explore the journey of the worldwide lifestyle of a dancer. Our brand is an ongoing dialogue amongst our core essence to elevate Dance and Fashion for our community—continuously inspired by countries, culture and the inspiring creative individual we have amongst us. 

The Kulture of Hype&Hope is established in 2014 as a regular returning dance event in Utrecht, The Netherlands to grow the dutch HipHop dance scene. Giovani Vreede and Marsha Webster missed a homebase for the scene in The Netherlands and created the event. Ever since it has become one of the home base events for surrounding countries to meet and enjoy the HipHop Kulture where over 20 different countries come together to join the competition every three months. 

20-05-2020 the official webshop has launched. Giovani Vreede  decided to part the merchandise from The Kulture of Hype&Hope event in to a fashion brand. With a fresh team of creatives: Team Hype hopes to bring a new wave of garments in to the future.